Working with local Food Bank


During the summer of 2023 we utilised as much surplus produce as we could to local groups, schools and charities.

During the season over-production or reduced orders can give rise surplus produce which would otherwise be cultivated in to the soil. One partnership that was very pleased to receive such produce was the Leiston Pantry. As a result we received the following appreciation from Toby Lindsay-White:

“Myself, the team and all the people that utilise the Leiston Pantry would like to thank you for the amazing contribution you have made over the last year.

The supply of vegetables and leaves that you have been unable to pass on to your clients has made an amazing difference in what we are able to offer within our social supermarket.

To update you on the current figures we are handling there are currently just under 600 households registered with us. This means just shy of 2,000 individuals from a 500km2 area that are struggling to make ends meet and with the contributions you have made, you and your team are making a genuine difference in enabling people to eat!

Not only this but with the network Creative Leiston C.I.C. has been building with other groups and organisations within the local area, all goods now have 9 outlets therefore increasing the number of people reached.

So again, thank you very much and we sincerely hope our partnership enables more people to eat well and eat healthy in the future”.

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